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Designer Whitemouths

Attracted by the everyday surroundings, I designed this garment inspired by Gilles Clément’s uncertain places: abandoned urban fringes and underused areas which tell stories of the circumstances which determined their decay and recall memories of the people who lived them. Their powerful materialistic reality also influenced me to transcend the medium and focus the attention on a basic human function: perception. My effort to seek new starting points for design shall not only represent a challenge to its foundations but also unveils a tendency to explore new relations, leading actively to a new subject of design inquiry.



Matter. Antimatter. Supersimmetry. Fractal surfaces symbolize the becoming sentient polymorphism, as well as the holographic nature of realty we are immerse in. Substance is affected and modified by infinite interpretations, coexisting in a mystic blend, within a very single moment. Defined by physician/philosopher David Bohm as Holomoviment, the Universe’s constitutive pattern appears as, so called, Entanglement : a sub-atomic bondage interconnecting each part to its Whole, simultaneously beyond Space/Time borders. As a symbolic- representative perspective, this piece stands for the mystic of the implied correspondence, being each metamorphosis of the external complexion related to the redefinition of the complexity of the All.

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