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Holiday Inn 74 Earrings - Silver


The collection MY CONCRETE CITY pays tribute to fading Modernist architectural works from Beirut's built heritage. These silver earrings honor and preserve elements of Beirut’s Holiday Inn building (designed by André Wogenscky and Maurice Hindié, 1974) by adapting one of its signature design features into an iconic piece.


Beirut is a city with a rich architectural heritage that has been undergoing an unfortunate amount of destruction. We are currently witnessing a wave of demolition of key buildings recognized for their distinctive Modernist aesthetics and material stylings, that generations to come will never know. Many of our built treasures have been so defaced and veiled by a preposterous layer of shop fronts, neon signs and electrical wiring, that they have already visually disappeared long before they will physically vanish. The collection MY CONCRETE CITY pays tribute to these fading architectural works. The silver and concrete jewelry collection honors and preserves elements of Beirut’s built heritage by adapting signature design features into iconic pieces for both men and women.

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