TFORTHREE is a contemporary fashion brand and creative lab developing exclusive products with excellent Italian manufacturing. Constant collaborations with outstanding designers and innovative partners from all over the world enable us to read new design languages and translate them into high-quality products. We are the decoders of modern forms in symbolic expression.

Permanent innovation, limited editions

Every year the most promising emerging designers get selected by our jury and join our creative lab. We support selected designers by fully funding at least one collection. Our creative lab is like a pool of ideas and underlies a permanent innovation process. Therefore, every capsule collection of TFORTHREE is a limited edition.

The everlasting promise

Tradition meets future: TFORTHREE combines the great insight Italy has to offer in choosing the right suppliers, finding the best textiles and the thoughtful production of the garments with a cutting-edge business model. We are pioneers in fashion industry, but still stick to an everlasting promise – the quality of Italian craftsmanship.

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