Maple Propeller

We aim to create inspiring clothing for men. Our core product – tailored trousers. Men deserve to look great every day, therefore, we design and sew pants to make your every day stylish. Our clients say – and we completely agree – that Maple propeller pants are a happy medium between freedom and commitment.

We are in a constant search for ideas, fabric, colours and details, and we strive to give a new meaning to the most important element of the men’s wardrobe. Colours bring joy to life and influence mood, therefore, our trousers are sartorial, but at the same time subtly playful. They are balanced not only for dressing up, but also for undressing, i.e. they look good on the outside and the inside.

Why are we called Maple propeller? Little things can inspire men to do big deeds. The Wright brothers were the first in the world’s history to make a successful human-controlled airplane flight. It is being told, that their aircraft propeller’s design was inspired by the aerodynamic properties of a maple seed. We believe that high quality, comfortable and interesting clothing can inspire men to change the world. Or, at least… to feel better and live a more interesting life.

We design and sew our clothing in Lithuania, European union.

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