Eyelet Milano

The “Italian pride” rests in the fact that every element of our pocket squares are made using the finest Italian manufacturing in the industry.
A reflection of this concept, one of the many and innumerable signs which distinguish this project, can be seen in the design that appears if one connects the locations of these companies geographically.
In fact, from the piquet from Varese, to the buttons from Piacenza, and from the caput mundi, Rome, for its artistry in gold to the assembly in Pordenone and packaging in Treviso, almost by magic one can glimpse a ROUGH DIAMOND, which, with time and care becomes ever more precious and refined.
One final aspect to highlight is the fact that we wanted to protect this work by trademarking the designs and the brand itself, in order to exhibit even more Italian ingenuity in fashion.

The meticulous attention to details, careful choice of suppliers, as well as care devoted to each phase of production represent the signature of anexclusive project that proudly flies the Made in Italy flag.
EYELET Milano is the expression of beauty viewed from a distinctive angle, because distinctiveness is what makes all the difference.

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